Tiffanie W.

Edgar R.

Miguel M.

Ashlyn B.




We asked each student three questions:

  1. What do you want to do after high school?

  2. What are your hobbies

  3. What is your favorite animal?

Alexes A.

  1. Go to college

  2. Spend time with friends and family

  3. Giraffe

Ashlyn B.

  1. Go to GCCC

  2. Volleyball and Basketball

  3. Polar Bear

Chloee B.

  1. Go to GCCC

  2. Music and Photography

  3. Pig

Addyson B.

  1. Be happy

  2. Riding horses and having fun

  3. Primates

Jacob D.

  1. Chill

  2. Chill

  3. Gecko

Tajah E.

  1. Get a job

  2. FFA, raising livestock and friends

  3. Pig

Devin F.

  1. Still deciding

  2. Cross country and wrestling

  3. Dog

Jocelyn F.

  1. Wants to go to college to be a vet, then open her own veterinarian clinic

  2. Taking care of animals and watching tv

  3. Dog

Paige F.

  1. Not sure yet

  2. Listen to music

  3. Giraffe

Manuel G.

  1. Go schmoney

  2. Look for a job

  3. Duck

Corbin G.

  1. Go to college

  2. Basketball, baseball, playing video games

  3. Dog

Ayanna G.

  1. Go to college

  2. Music,Art, Reading and Baking

  3. Wolf

Jesse G.

Heydi G.

  1. Attend College

  2. Hangout with friends, family and playing soccer

  3. Bear

Wyatt H.

  1. Join the Military

  2. Playing video games, working out, Golf

  3. Blue Whale

Diana H.

  1. Go to college

  2. Hangout with friends

  3. Dog

Blair H.

  1. Become an athletic trainer

  2. Playing sports, sleeping, eating and shopping

  3. Dog

Alexis I.

  1. Move somewhere else and go to college

  2. Art, Reading, Sleeping, and Eating

  3. Llama

Kai J.

  1. Become a welder

  2. Sports and 2k

  3. Lion

Braydon K.

  1. Go to college

  2. Video Games

  3. Dogs

Kale K.

  1. Go to college

  2. Baseball and Basketball

  3. Panther

Kieley L.

  1. Go to college

  2. Singing, playing flute and piano

  3. Pandas

Seth L.

  1. Not sure

  2. Leather Working

  3. Cat

Anne L.

  1. Be a nurse anesthetist

  2. Hangout with friends, watch/play sports, work out and acting

  3. Red panda and dog

Braeden M.

  1. Go to college

  2. Hang out with friends

  3. Lion

Mariah M.

  1. Move to California and open a coffee shop in LA.

  2. Journalism, Photography, Sweet tea enthusiast, have movie marathons

  3. Sting Ray

Estrella M.

Zephyn M.

  1. Go to college

  2. Playing golf

  3. Cheetah

Alex M.

  1. Be a football player

  2. Football, playing 2k

  3. Gorilla

Miguel M.

  1. Become an electrician 

  2. Throwing trash and mowing the lawn

  3. Lion

Jair M.

  1. Go to college

  2. Playing basketball

  3. Horse

Elle N.

Justin O.

  1. Chill and go to college

  2. Sports and watching tv

  3. Lion

Marielena O.

  1. Go to college and become a nurse

  2. Sports, shopping and drawing

  3. Elephant

Zaccerie P.

  1. Join the national guard

  2. Playing basketball

  3. Blue glaucus

Emily P.

  1. Become an apprentice or go to an art college in Wichita or Oregon

  2. Fox

Brock Q.

  1. Go home

  2. Play video games

  3. Emperor monkey

Edgar R.

  1. Go to college

  2. Sports

  3. Dog

Adrian R.

Tabitha R.

  1. Become an officer

  2. Watch tv

  3. fish

Elliott R.

  1. Go to college

  2. Clean house and cut lawn

  3. Dog

David S.

  1. Work at Tyson

  2. Work at Tyson

  3. Cows

Jordyn S.

  1. Become an optometrist

  2. Cheer and singing

  3. Dog

Ariana S.

  1. Go to college

  2. Chill, sleep, eat and shop

  3. Elephant

Joshua S.

  1. Go to College

  2. Playing Sports

  3. Snow leopard

Andrea S.

  1. Go to college

  2. Watch Netflix

  3. Koala

Faith S.

  1. Become an actor or be in sports medicine

  2. Football and working out

  3. Dog

Tiffanie W.

  1. Go to College and get a job

  2. Sleeping

  3. Giraffe

Addison W.

  1. Go to college and major in a traveling agent, nursing, or become a lawyer

  2. Napping, traveling, reading and spending time with family

  3. Sugar glider

Macie W.

  1. Go to college

  2. Hang out with friends

  3. Dog