USD 363 Wellness Warriors

Welcome to the USD 363 Wellness Committee page!!!


We are a group of individuals consisting of School Administrators, Teachers, Nurses, Food Service, Students, Parents, and Community Members.  Anyone living in the USD 363 School District is welcome to join us.  If you are interested in becoming a Wellness Warrior, please feel free to contact any committee member.

Current Committee Members

Chairperson - Kristi Calkins, DIstrict Food Service Clerk and Software Support

Scott Myers, District Superintendent

Linda Spence, District Food Service Director

Stacy Cundiff, Elementary School Nurse

Jason Johnson, High School Principal

Tyler Helton, Middle School Principal

Randi Thyne, Holcomb Elementary Principal

Deana Novack, Wiley Elementary Principal

Heather Seirer, Teacher Representative for HES and WES

Taylor Knoll, Student Representative for Holcomb Middle School

Kambry Koster, Student Representative for Holcomb Elementary School

Sabrina and Matt Koster, Parent Representatives

What do we do???

We promote healthy schools by supporting physical and mental wellness, good nutrition and regular physical activity as a part of our total learning environment.  We support a healthy learning environment where students and staff will live healthier, more balanced and productive lives.

When do we meet???

Our group meets once a month, typically on a Wednesday afternoon.  Dates and times will be posted to the district website homepage under Events.

where do we meet???

Meetings are held at the District Administration Building at 305 Wiley Street in Holcomb.


State and Federal Laws require a local school wellness policy be developed and implemented no later than the beginning of the 2006-2007 school year.  The board of education is required to promote and monitor the local wellness program.  Kansas public schools must have a written wellness policy in order to be in compliance with KSDE (Kansas State Department of Education) and the NSLP (National School Lunch Program) requirements to receive both state and federal funding.


As a group, we will develop goals for:

Nutrition Education

Physical Activity

School-based activities designed to promote staff and student wellness

Nutrition guidelines for all foods available in each school building during the school day