HES and WES Meal Prices 2018/2019
Reduced Breakfast$0.30
Reduced Lunch$0.40
Extra Milk or Milk only (all students)$0.45
Adult Breakfast$2.40
Adult Lunch$3.90
Snack Milk (all students)$0.45
HMS and HHS Meal Prices 2018/2019
Breakfast $1.80
Lunch $3.05
Reduced Breakfast $0.30
Reduced Lunch $0.40
Adult Breakfast $2.40
Adult Lunch $3.90
Extra Milk or Milk only (all students) $0.45
Al A Carte Items High School Only 

(not available for K-8 & not covered by free & reduced program)

High school students must have funds available or pay cash.

Extra Entrée Breakfast $1.00
Extra Entrée Lunch $1.50
Cinnamon Roll $1.00
All Side Dishes $0.50
Juice $ 0.50
Ice Cream Cones $1.25
Ice Cream Cups $1.00
Ranch Dressing $0.25
Sting Cheese Stick $0.25

A la carte items are not covered by the Free and Reduced Program.