The Junior Class has been the number one class throughout all of the homecoming events that have taken place during the homecoming week. Most of our class has been going to Holcomb since elementary school or even before. We love Holcomb and always put out the most spirit no matter what. We are also the most winning class from girls and boys in all sports through all the classes going to Holcomb High at this year. 

Our class color is Purple

Ariana A. Alexandro F. Johnny L. DaNai P. Auston S.
Kaitlyn A. Anny F. Darien M. Hope P. Rylynn S.
Erick A. Evan G. Erick M. Anna R. Randy S.
Isaiah A. Abel G. Rosanna M. Antonio R. Lexus S.
Isaiah A. Kobe H. Alexis M. Madalynn R. Alyssa S.
Joshua A. Jesus H. Allison M. Rebecca R. Jackson S.
Javen A. Miranda H. Derek M. Madison R. Teryn T.
Giovanni B. Devon H. Braden M. Gracelyn R. Jace T.
Zachery B. Drew H. Sebastian M. Joshua R. Victor V.
Andrea B. Julian I. Eugene N. Gaige S. Terecita V.
Trey C. Lauren J. Katelyn O. Cora S. Julian V.
Jasia D. Brooklyn K. Cade P. Sonoma S. Zarin W.
Ian Deloach