Q. Can I download apps on my Chromebook? A. No, students should not download apps or add extensions to their Chromebook without first consulting the IT staff.
Q. What happens if my Chromebook needs service or repairs? A. Contact your teacher or the tech staff with your concerns. If repairs are needed a loaner machine will be issued. Repairs are made as soon as possible.
Q. Can I keep my Chromebook over the summer? A. No. All Chromebooks will be collected at the end of the school year for general maintenance and cleaning.
Q. How do I connect to my wireless network at home? A. Your Chromebook should connect automatically to your wireless network at home unless you have security on your router. In that instance you will have to enter the required password.
Q. I don't have wireless at home but I have an Internet connection. A. The Chromebooks do not have an Ethernet port and are meant to be used wirelessly.
Q. I don't have Internet at home. What can I do? A. The school's wireless network extends past the building walls for a short distance. Students are welcome to come to the school at any time and connect to the wireless network on school grounds. If you want to establish an Internet connection at your home you will need to contact a service provider such as Cox Communication, Wheatland Broadband, or Pioneer Internet.
Q. Can I use a mouse? A. Yes, but you will have to provide it yourself. We have found that after using their Chromebooks for a week most students do not feel the need to use a mouse.
Q. Can I put text books in my laptop bag? A. Yes, but limit yourself to one text book at a time. They are extremely heavy and bulky and can put undue strain on your back. It also creates pressure against the laptop itself, causing damage to the screen.
Q. What if my machine gets damaged? A. That depends on the circumstances. Any intentional damage will be the responsibility of the student. Accidental damage is covered by insurance offered by another company through the school district. IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU PURCHASE THIS INSURANCE.