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What services does the counselor offer?

Classroom Guidance:
Throughout the year, students will participate in classroom guidance lessons, which will occur every two weeks, for approximately 30 minutes. Guidance lessons will most often cover personal/social issues (friendship, bullying, feelings, conflict resolution, goals), academic issues (organizational skills, stress management, listening), and career awareness (varieties of professions introduced and/or discussed).

Individual Counseling:
Referrals for individual counseling can be made by a teacher or other school staff, parents, or the students. Individual counseling is short-term, voluntary, and confidential. I will not see a student more than twice for the same issue without a signed parent permission form.

Small Group Counseling:
Small groups may be offered throughout the year based upon the needs of individual students. Groups may focus on, but are not limited to, such issues as family changes, anger management, social skills and friendship. Groups help students in realizing other students share their issues and concerns. Member selection for small groups is based on parent or teacher referral and signed parental permission.

How does a child meet with the school counselor?
  • Parents/Guardians may request their child see the counselor (call/e-mail me or notify the teacher directly).
  • A staff member may refer a student to the counselor.
  • The counselor may invite your child to talk.
  • Your child may request to talk with the counselor.

If a student meets with the school counselor, it does not mean that the student is in trouble. It’s very important that students understand that the "Counseling Office" is a safe and non-threatening place.

Kelso's Choices

This is the conflict management skills program used school wide. For more information, please go to www.kelsoschoice.com.

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