Education at Your Fingertips

Holcomb High School began the 1 to 1 Laptop Initiative in the fall of 2006. The laptops quickly became an integral part of the educational process at HHS. Putting on demand computing in the hands of students changed the way they learn and brought the world to their fingertips. Through innovative teaching techniques and the latest in computer software Holcomb students are better prepared for the technological future that awaits them.

In the fall of 2015 HHS moved from laptops to Chromebooks and moved into the Google world of shared documents and Google Apps. As we work toward a paperless environment the Chromebooks provide the platform that will facilitate the process.

An Equal Opportunity to Learn

Providing Chromebooks to the students does more than give them a technological advantage, it makes that advantage available to all students equally. Every student has the same hardware and software so each has an opportunity to excel in education. Completing assignments at home is as easy as turning on and logging in.

A Changing World

The days of handing in papers and taking notes by hand are all but behind the students of HHS. Papers are turned in through the Google Classroom, cutting paper use drastically. No more "The dog ate my homework" excuses. Notes are taken on the Chromebook and review activities are available through online sites. Tests and quizzes are taken on-line further preparing students to take state assessments which are also taken on the computer. Making video projects and presentations are standard practice and research materials are instantly available. All this combines to make Chromebook learning a unique and rewarding experience.