Welcome to the USD 363 Calendar Downloads Page

If you would like to have the most current information about school activities you can subscribe to our online school calendars. There are five different calendars available and you can choose only the ones you need.

You will need to complete the download process using a computer and then you will be able to add the calendar to your mobile calendar app as well.

The directions listed below are for Google Calendar.

Google Calendar Users

Click on the calendar of your choice listed below.  Find the link at the bottom right corner of the calendar, and click the link.

If you are not logged into your Google Account, you will be asked to log in.

The calendar will then be added to your calendar list. Your calendar page will then need to be refreshed in order to view the newly added calendar.

Repeat this process for each calendar you would like to add to your Google calendar.

District Calendar

HES/WES Events

HMS Events

HHS Activities

HHS Sports