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KAY Club

    “LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION” KAY LEADERSHIP CAMP 2016 Approximately 235 student leaders from across the state of Kansas gathered at Rock Springs 4-H Center, Junction City, July 25-29, for a . . . read more

High School Graduation 2016

Congratulations Class of 2016   Watch the graduation ceremony: Part 1   Part 2   read more

Summer Plans

Last Video from Mrs. Sullivan on Vimeo . read more

Winter Hype 2015-2016

  By Kyol Blackburn     By: Erick Quezada and Austin Koehn read more

Softball 2016

Movie Maker: Softball - Slideshow read more

Summer Plans #2

Movie Maker: Summer - Slideshow read more

Track 2016

read more

Seniors Graduate Interviews

Senior Grad Interviews from Mrs. Sullivan on Vimeo . read more

State Music

Solo and Ensemble competition results.       Shayna Hilburn - I rating Impransus Men's ensemble - I rating   Carly Newman and Isabella Wilds . . . read more

FFA Work Auction

        FFA Work Auction read more

Boys Basketball

Movie Maker: Boy's Basketball - Slideshow read more

Cheer 2016

HHS Cheerleading 2016 from Mrs. Sullivan on Vimeo . read more


read more


Holcomb SOCS Video from Mrs. Sullivan on Vimeo . read more

Spring Break

Movie Maker: Movie - Slideshow read more

Wrestling 2016

Movie Maker: Wrestling - Slideshow read more

Winter Homecoming 2016

Congratulations James Gonzalez and Breyanna Avila  2016 Winter Homecoming King & Queen Click on the photo gallery above to view more pictures . . . read more

Bowling 2016

Upload to Vimeo from Mrs. Sullivan on Vimeo . read more


HALO Interviews from Mrs. Sullivan on Vimeo . read more

New Semester

New Semester from Mrs. Sullivan on Vimeo . read more

Scholars Bowl

Scholars Bowl from Kirstin Richmeier on Vimeo . read more

School Lunches

      read more

Students opinions on the cell phone policy

read more

Winter Homecoming Spirit Days 2016

SPIRIT DAYS                 ** Click the photo gallery to view more images. **   . . . read more

Congratulations Mr. Oliver!

Former high school art teacher Archie Oliver has written a book! Click on the links below to learn more World Castle Publishing - Archie Oliver Garden City Telegram Article   Beneath the Darkness . . . read more

Winter Homecoming Court 2016

Homecoming Court Winter 2016 Friday February 5th 2016   SENIORS Breyanna Avila & Jaime Hernandez . . . read more

2015 Fall Sport Hype Video by Erick Quezada & Austin Koehn

  2015 Fall Sport Hype Video by Erick Quezada & Austin Koehn     2015 Fall Sport Hype Video by Erick Quezada & Austin Koehn from Mrs. Sullivan on Vimeo . read more

2015 Fall Sport Hype Video by Kyol Blackburn & Jaime Hernandez

2015 Fall Sport Hype Video by Kyol Blackburn & Jaime Hernandez     2015 Fall Sport Hype Video by Kyol Blackburn & Jaime Hernandez from Mrs. Sullivan on Vimeo . read more

2015 Fall Sport Hype Video by Seth Cunningham & Juan Guerrero

2015 Fall Sport Hype Video by Seth Cunningham & Juan Guerrero      2015 Fall Sport Hype Video by Seth Cunningham & Juan Guerrero from Mrs. Sullivan on Vimeo . read more

Fall Sports 2015

  Fall Sports 2015  By: Kobe Dickson, Christopher Nemechek, Eduardo Pacheco, Carter Blackburn and Peyton Leonard     Fall Sports 2015 from Mrs. Sullivan on Vimeo . read more

2015 Cross Country Recap

2015 Cross Country Recap By: Seth Cunningham, Manny Barajas, Jose Barrera and Jorge Macias   2015 Cross Country Recap from Mrs. Sullivan on Vimeo . read more

Boys Basketball 2015-2016

Boys Basketball 2015-2016 By: Kaitlynne Chandler, Kamryn Gomez, Zeke Engler and Traeston Winters.      Boys Basketball 2015-2016 from Mrs. Sullivan on Vimeo . read more

Finals Fall 2015

  Finals Fall 2015   By: Raymond Trejo, Fansisco Resendiz, Eric Munoz, Angel Martinez and Migurel Martinez   Finals Fall 2015 from Mrs. Sullivan on Vimeo . read more

Girls Basketball 2015-2016

Girls Basketball By: Remmi Knoll, Taylor Sleep, Kirstin Richmeier and Maverick Skipper   Girls Basketball 2015-2016 from Mrs. Sullivan on Vimeo . read more

NHS Induction

  The National Honor Society induction ceremony will be held November 19 at 7 p.m. in the high school commons area with a reception following.   The students to be inducted include:  Kylee . . . read more

Spirit Week

      SPIRIT DAYS                 ** Click the photo gallery to view more images. ** . . . read more

Homecoming Court - Fall 2015

Homecoming Court Fall 2015 Friday October 2nd 2015   SENIORS Christian Merz & Breyanna Avila . . . read more

Prom 2015

                  Junior Class   Senior Class   read more

Baseball Begins

Baseball from Mrs. Sullivan on Vimeo . read more

Yearbook Application

Do you want to be a part of the yearbook team next year??? Click the link below to fill out the application. All applications are due by Thursday April 2nd. . . . read more

Homecoming Games

Homecoming Movie from Mrs. Sullivan on Vimeo . read more

Disney Homecoming Spirit Week

               . . . read more

2015 Winter Homecoming

2015 Winter Homecoming Senior Candidates: Caitlin Richmeier & Lance Robertson   Kaitlynn Hammond & . . . read more

Heart Wrenching News

Heart wrenching news, knowing the one you were practically connected to at the hip is gone. Thanks to the S.A.D.D. organization, the students were visited by an amazing speaker that had shared a tear jerking story with us, that had opened . . . read more

Holcomb takes on Andale

This season the Holcomb Longhorns have a great chance to do something very special.   Senior Jacob Ramsey said “I’m very proud of our team and how far we’ve gone, but we’re not done yet.” . . . read more

You're Somebody's Type

This past Tuesday, November 18th the Holcomb High School hosted its annual KAY Club Blood Drive at Holcomb High School. Anyone could give blood as long as you were 16 and weighed at least 110 pounds. You have to provide proof of . . . read more

Interacting with Interscholastics

Oklahoma Panhandle State University is once again holding their annual FFA interscholastics. This event includes a series of 14 CDE competitions and 11 public speaking events. FFA members will be entered into competitions that they are . . . read more

District Football

This last Friday, the Holcomb Longhorns took on the Hugoton Eagles in the final game of districts. The overall score for the game was 55-6 in favor of the Longhorns. Junior Logan Hobbs said “That the Hugoton game was a . . . read more

Eagles Get Stomped

Friday the 31 st   of October started off with great weather and the football team getting focused early on their day off of school.  It was a bit chilly throughout the day but this only made the longhorn’s tougher going . . . read more

Buckin’ the Broncs

The Friday of October 10th started off with a freezing rain that would not stop. To make things worse the wind was relentless and freezing. The conditions were so bad that our homecoming parade through Holcomb was cancelled.  The . . . read more

Homecoming Hallway Wars

You may be wondering, what in the world this story is about. So what are hallway wars? Well it is a competition between freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors to decorate the most creative theme and hallway. For an example this . . . read more

Holcomb Community Pep Rally

Can you tell me where you can go for excitement, pride, and shenanigans? The Holcomb High School pep rally! All of this happened on Friday, October 10 in the high school gym. There were a lot of different things happening, and if you . . . read more

Hillbilly Golf

Students got the opportunity to test out their hillbilly golfing skills in one of this year’s homecoming games. During the homecoming games hosted by STUCO there were many different events to choose from like Tug- O- War, Water Balloon . . . read more

Tossing Your Corn All Over the Place

It’s that time again to show off your skills during the homecoming events of tossing washers and playing corn hole! On October 10 th , the game corn hole was taking place behind the high school with all freshman, . . . read more

Night at the Cornucopia

The place to be Saturday night was the Holcomb Tribute Ball. The homecoming dance was the event of the night, full of food, music, and people. There were cookies and snacks and drinks being served. Aside from the good music that was . . . read more

Volleyball “Smack” Down

Are you hungry for some classmates and ready to smash them in the Hunger Games?  During Fall Homecoming, the Holcomb High School students participated in activities throughout the week. The theme during homecoming was “The Hunger . . . read more

Balloons Away!

Ever tried throwing a ball to your friend? Easy right? Well try throwing a balloon full of water to that same friend! On October 10th, during spirit week, students lined up to throw a water balloon to their partner, who was a couple . . . read more

FCCLA Pastries

It’s that time of the year again when FCCLA is selling their Kansas Maid Frozen Pastries. Every FCCLA member is selling these amazingly good pastries to raise money for their trips. FCCLA stands for Family Career and Community Leaders . . . read more

FFA Fruit Sales

Do you like spending money for a good cause? If you do you’re in luck, its back and it only comes once a year, FFA fruit and meat sales. The Holcomb FFA chapter is selling fruit, meat and cookie dough to raise money.  The . . . read more

Stunning Voices at the Fall Vocal Concert

The crowd was in awe when the students from Holcomb Middle School and Holcomb High School began to sing. The concert was an amazing performance by all the students’ grades 6-12 the night of October 14, 2014. The concert started with Mr. . . . read more

Girls Golf Regional 2014

Four! Its golfing season for the girls golf team. Monday October 13, 2014 the girls golf team headed to Larned, Kansas to compete in the 2014 4A Girls Golf Regional Tournament. The girls were excited about going and getting to play a course . . . read more

Battle to the Death Friday

Holcomb and Colby duked it out in week 5. Holcomb had tough game Friday night beating  Colby 27-0. Even though Holcomb didn’t perform like usual, they had a lot of personal fouls, they still ended the night with a win.  . . . read more

Copper Clash

It’s that time of year again! Penny wars! Each class will be raising money during  homecoming this week, and the class that has the highest score by the end of the week will get to throw a pie two teachers of the following . . . read more

Homecoming Games Spirit Week

What involves fun costumes and shorter classes? That’s right, Homecoming Week. The Holcomb High School student body and the teachers all had the chance to let loose and have fun for a week.      The . . . read more

2014 Fall Homecoming Court

Homecoming Games        May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor   Senior Candidates Haley Walck daughter of Lance . . . read more

Yearbooks on Sale

  Save $15 on your yearbook by buying it before October 10th! Click here to buy it online for $30, a $15 savings!     read more

Air Bands and Dodge Balls Rock Holcomb High School

American Idol, The Voice, America's Got Talent. None of these can hold a candle to the talent presented on stage at the Air Band - Parody contest for Homecoming 2012. Clubs, sports, and even the faculty put acts together that would surely . . . read more

Homecoming King & Queen

Fall Homecoming King and Queen are Jeremy Cox and Madison Miller. Senior attendants are Karissa Pena, Katie Pfeifer, Kyshia Prieto, Brent Komlofske, Tyler LaSalle, and Keegan Amos. Junior Attendants are Kylee Amos and Heath Tucker. . . . read more

Holcomb High School 2010-11 Prom

Holcomb High School 2010-11 Junior-Senior Prom April 9, 2011 “Moonlit Masquerade” read more Feedback Icon No Comments

Holcomb High School Contact Information

  Rob Schneeberger - Principal   P.O. Box 38, 600 N. Jones Phone - (620) 277-2063 Holcomb, Kansas 67851 Fax - (620) 277-0240   Google Map to . . . read more

Laptop Initiative

Education at Your Fingertips Holcomb High School began the 1 to 1 Laptop Initiative in the fall of 2006. Since then the laptops have become an integral part of the educational process at HHS. Putting on demand computing in . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

Student Information

General Information: Students will be issued a laptop and laptop bag at the beginning of the school year. A memory stick/flash drive will be issued to the student if they choose, however they are encouraged to purchase their . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

Parent Information

How can I help my student? Encourage him/her to take care of their laptop and keep it charged and protected. Remind them that it is a school owned machine and needs to be returned in good condition.  Monitor your . . . read more

Patty Knoll, Laptop Technician

  Mrs. Knoll has worked in the technology department at Holcomb High School since 2002. She currently works as the Laptop Technician for the high school and assistant to Randy Ackerman, District Technology . . . read more

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